Southern Maine Massage & Wellness is a "Co-Op" concept based on therapy cooperation. This means that there is a therapist and modality for every client. Our goal is to create an all-encompassing, affordable practice that ensures the highest level of care from our experienced therapists. We believe that bodywork is important and want to help you reach your ultimate self by offering services at rates that make regular care a possibility for everyone.

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At Southern Maine Massage & Wellness, we have extensive training and years of diverse, valuable experience. We each incorporate our passion, skill and knowledge into each session and are dedicated to designing the perfect session for each client. 



Joining our co-op: Membership


You can receive regular, expert care from any of our Licensed Massage Therapists at an incredible rate by purchasing a membership. To gain membership, you simply purchase an annual membership for $25 here.

membership benefits include:

-  $20+ off of nearly every service we offer

- Priority "last minute" and cancellation emails, which are wildly popular with our clients and often fill within minutes

-  10% off of select retail

-  Guest Pass, allowing members to share their membership pricing with up to 4 new clients (4 single appointments total) within the calendar year [when booking appointment, use code: guestpass (your first and last name) ex: guestpassJohnSmith] Great for gift appointments!

-  Access to monthly specials including even more discounts on package appointments, offered seasonally with select massage therapists

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