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South Portland location, only.

Come and relax in our comfy, cozy, space with one of our amazing artisanal foot soaks. Add a foot massage, a scrub, or all of our fantastic treatments to your choice of soak. Want to have a spa day? Add a foot soak before or after a full body massage or facial. Come relax by yourself, with a friend, come with a partner or plan a party! Our space is perfect for a romantic date night or a friends' night out with up to 7 of your friends!


Soak Only

Members $45 - Non Members $65 

Soak & Massage   

Members $55 - Non Members $75

Specialty Soaks are expertly created to help alleviate pain and soothe sensitive skin. These are perfect to address issues like plantar fasciitis, dry skin, fungal infections or circulatory issues.  

Shea & Oatmeal: excellent to moisturize dry, irritated skin and perfect for sensitive skin.

Heal & Recover: a seaweed-based soak with salt, magnesium, peppermint, ginger, eucalyptus, lavender & rosemary that's fantastic for circulation and inflammation.

Cycle Harmony: a chocolate soak with clary sage, ylang-ylang, lavender & rose petals for balance, moisture, and relaxation.

Athlete's Focus: to help treat athlete's foot with baking soda, salt, black walnut powder, apple cider vinegar, clove, tea tree & oregano which is antibacterial.


Soak Only

Members $35 - Non Members $55

Soak & Massage   

Members $45 - Non Members $65

Sudsy Soaks are soft, bubbly and cleansing and a perfect way to relax and chat with friends, sip tea with a loved one or snuggle in with a good book. 

Eucalyptus: naturally antibacterial and uplifting.

Lavender: light and floral to relax and rejuvenate.

Peppermint: cooling and excellent for circulation.

Vanilla: wonderfully sweet and calming.


Subject to Availability


Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Relaxing focus on your head, neck, and shoulders.


Sugar Scrub

Using a house-made mixture of sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils to exfoliate your feet and lower legs, you'll leave feeling soft and hydrated.



With slow, focused, and deep application of pressure to the reflex points on the bottom of the feet, Reflexology may help to relieve stress throughout the entire body, promote full-body relaxation and calmness and increase circulation.


Hot Stone Foot Massage

Hot stone foot massage is an excellent blend of eastern and modern massage techniques to create a wonderfully relaxing alternative to the traditional foot massage.


We highly recommend calling to book your appointment at least six to eight weeks in advance.
Parties require a 50% deposit and have a 72 hour cancellation policy.

Maximum 8 clients at once.

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